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Why Assisted Living Facilities Chose Tiled Flooring

Comfort, style and functional design for Independent Living, Assisted Living and Nursing Home Facilities.

Ever wondered why tiled floors are the most commonly used flooring in educational facilities, rest homes, hospitals, and private residences? It’s not just about the ease of cleaning! Tile also facilitate safety due to their properties of slip-resistant surfaces - an important factor particualrly for those in assisted-living. Tiles are tested and rated for slip-resistance and at Tile Warehouse we pride ourselves on a comprehensive selection of strong grip and high PEI rated tiles*. Tiles with strong grip provide safe surfaces and a feeling of security especially in wet areas.

Independent homes or assisted living spaces should always be designed to maintain safety alongside as much independence as possible with optimum quality of life. Designing for longevity, tile will meet the requirements if anti-slip, bacteria resistance, and water + fire resistant flooring is chosen.

It is well known that a home which features tile throughout has a higher perceived value. If we think about all the high-end homes in New Zealand we have seen or heard of, most are tiled throughout on floor surfaces with full height bathroom walls. Tile quality is synonymous with style, design, and trends coming from Europe. Countries such as Italy and Spain are renowned for setting fashion trends and this encompasses interior design for those wanting quality surfaces, ie: tiles!

In the case of assisted living, occupants can enjoy the luxury tiles bring, appreciate the easy maintenance and cleanliness and the option to create constant, even heat with underfloor heating. The durability of tile can also withstand moving configurations of personal furniture and decor to establish individual home environments. Tile ability to be used inside and out also means a seamless transition and ease of movement for scooters, wheelchairs, walkers, and canes.

Tile is a unique medium for stunning and original designs from tesselated floors and smaller decorative squares to large format in beautiful neutrals. Such a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colours to choose from to create a beautiful, safe, and a welcoming home without compromising on the functionality and safety.

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