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Best flooring options for your first home


So you've bought your first home? Congratulations!

If you're keen to get into some renovation and create your dream space, we can help with that!

Start with your Flooring Selection

The creation of a new or renovated home starts from the floor up. Choosing your floor is an important decision, as it can make or break the feel of your home and since flooring is permanent, choosing good quality flooring is of utmost importance.

Your floor is the canvas on which your furniture will lay. The rule is always consistency and flow. If you don’t plan on buying new furniture then you should consider your existing furnishings when determining colour and texture. If you're looking to totally redecorate, the colours in your floor can inspire the rest of your colour scheme. 

Think of your floors as the 'backdrop' of your home. You’re not only creating a new home for you and your family to live in but an environment that will form some of your most cherished memories. The interior style you choose is a reflection of your personality and the environment you create will ultimately determine how you feel in your home.


Select your floor early and remove the stress. This will not only secure the floor you love in advance but you’ll also be securing the price and not upset your budget.



Flooring & Functionality

When selecting anything for your home, from flooring to furniture, consider how you need that product to function for you depending upon who lives in the home, from adults in high heels to children and pets.  It’s important to get the look you want, but even more important that it functions the way you need it to. Ideally, it’s good to have a seamless flow from room to room, and having the same flooring throughout the common areas of your home provides that flow. The upside to using tile is that it's tough so you can use it throughout the entire house….which makes a home feel larger and more cohesive.  In the kitchen, living areas, foyer, hallways, laundry room, the bathrooms, everywhere. Tile doesn’t scratch so it's the perfect flooring for busy kids, pets, dragging dining chairs, etc.

Tile is also safe from nasty VOC's commonly found in manufactured flooring which emits toxins like petroleum. Tile comes from clay so you can be rest assured you are providing the safest environment and clean air for yourself and your family.

Plus, being maintenance-free, it's cost-effective! Read more below...

Did you know? Tiling can maximise a home’s resale value, through improved looks and feel, longevity, and functionality. A tiled floor may be the perfect investment to make as they often transform an ordinary room into an extraordinary space in a home.



Choosing your floor first will enable you to clearly communicate expectations early on in the building process. Before anything is laid, your surface must be a flat, leveled, and clean concrete slab - an important factor for ensuring your floor goes down with no issues or extra costs.

If you are installing flooring as well as bathroom walls, it usually makes sense to complete all the tile at the same time. This eliminates the need for your tile installer to come back twice. Another benefit to installing the tile in the bathroom first is that it better enables you to select bathroom fittings like vanities. Plus, updating the bathroomware in the future means you wouldn’t have to replace or change the tile if you don’t want to.


On top of advantages in functionality and durability, tiles are extremely cost-effective over the life span of your home. Whether you are renovating or building, it is critical to think about how long materials will last and the cost of maintenance for your flooring, as well as initial raw material and installation costs. Certain floor coverings may have lower initial costs but the maintenance involved costs more over time until a full replacement is needed

Our home is our most valuable asset and flooring is the hardest working area of our homes so it
makes sense to choose products that last the test of time and do not require ongoing maintenance.
Life is too busy for short-term solutions! Furniture can wear quickly, and design trends can change suddenly whereas a tiled floor will stand the test of time and age gracefully. 

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Overlay Flooring Alternatives

Our technical team at Tile Warehouse spent years researching overlay flooring options before deciding on a Stone-composite called ALPINE - a flooring product that is quality-manufactured and also suitable for DIY projects with its easy click-together system.

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NB: If you have chosen to install a floating floor (each piece is not directly attached to the floor), always install kitchen cabinetry first. The floating floor allows the pieces to move freely and as they expand and contract,  cabinets on top of the floor could lead to issues such as buckling and gaps because the cabinets can prevent the floating floor from moving freely as it’s intended to do.


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